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Online calculus course for physicists and engineers

The service

Math Animated™ is a teaching aid of mathematics for first year college and university students. It is a courseware, intended mostly for students of physics and engineering, but it is also applicable to a larger audience.

Math Animated™ demonstrates mathematics using animated and interactive graphics. By doing so, it makes complicated concepts easy to understand.

Math Animated™ is a hosted service It may be accessed by anyone using a web browser. For example,it may be projected in a classroom, or used individually by students at home or in a library.

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The material

The material covered by the current upgraded version #2 is calculus with single and multiple variables: differentiation and integration. Math Animated™ includes more than 110 animated and interactive graphics. In addition, it contains texts and exercises as in a traditional textbook.

Math Animated™ teaching material was developed by Samuel Dagan, a professor of physics with an extensive experience in teaching university students.

The technology

Math Animated™ is technically based on non-proprietary, open standards developed at the Web Consortium, including the XML applications SVG for graphics and MathML for mathematical expressions. This makes Math Animated™ accessible via the web without need of expensive software of a particular vendor.

For more information, read our one-page introduction [in PDF.]

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